Wednesday, 21 May 2008

10 things about a man

Ini sih gara-gara nonton lagi film seri “Lovers in Paris” sampe 3x nonton tuh, makanya ingin mengekspresikan apa yg Ok dan nggak Ok-nya a man (menurut saya loch... : )). Gimana menurut anda?

10 things that I like a (to be my) man :

1. He treats me so important woman in his life (so I feel special)
2. He has a great sense of style.
3. His ego isn't too big for his own good.
4. He always forgives me ;-)
5. He is loyal to me
6. He's willing to help provide for the family.
7. He is gentleman and not rude in words, mind and acts.
8. He is honest & willing to accept for who I am
9. He is smart, brave and talented.
10. He's just so, so much fun to spend time with & likes to spend his spare time with me (exlusive) :-)

10 things that I hate a man :

1. Make me feel bad, sad, out of mood, jealoes
2. He's high temperament
3. Rude, seem not respect to woman
4. Lazy man
5. I hate when he keeps silent
6. I hate when he makes me up and down
7. Talking much, doing less
8. Hypocrite
9. Junkies man or addicted to much to something (I am afraid to him… )
10. Childish (he..he… I can’t count on, right?)

Open to discuss. Any comments?