Friday, 21 September 2007

Coral Reef and Us

Marine Short Article, DLSU

Coral Reefs and Us

Coral reefs are marine organism, which produce calcium carbonate & colony living at the bottom of the sea. So many marine biota’s associated with it. They are sponge, sea anemone, mollusk, worm, sea urchins, crabs, lobsters, crustacean and coral fishes.
What are corals good for? Coral reefs provide fish, life-saving drugs, building materials, shore protection and foreign exchange from tourism (such as in Bunaken island). Reefs support high biodiversity and then good level of sustainability and natural replenishment.
Too bad, now some reefs are being destroyed by destructive fishing, pollutions, sediment and over-exploitation. Most of these impacts are long lasting. So my friends, we have to do something. What we can do are participate in volunteer reef protection programs, do not take apart of destructive activities in coral reef are, and as a student, we have responsibility and can create awareness through public education or conduct research to provide answer relevant to management.
So, you can help play an important role! Do it now......because We borrow our good living from our children now, so take care of it!!